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You may have noticed, that I had not much time to blog about something in the past months… One thing was, that we all need money, so I had to work very much. And as some of you know, I’m also studying in the evenings.

Long story short, I’ve restarted blogging with a new engine and new design once again. Key is (not just to use new swag), to simplify blogging for me, so I can put more time in the articles and less in managing the blog itself. I’m not much of a frontend developer or a designer, so the design will maybe not impress you ;)

Technically, the new blog is based on Hugo and GitHub Pages, and you can find it on

I will port some of the older articles and of course add new ones.

Big news: Currently for hire!

If you are looking a motivated Java/Scala dev in the area of Zurich (Switzerland), we maybe should talk ;)

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